Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Week in Review: Brand Identity Crisis

As has been much discussed (and derided) elsewhere, the SciFi Channel is now SyFy. It is fascinating to see how a simple name (well, really just spelling) change might indicate a significant shift in programming practices and target demographics;

Hulu plans to devote a new section of its site to documentary programming. It is interesting that, though Hulu has always featured both television and movies, the primary way it has been discussed (at least so far) seems to be as a place to view (fictional) TV. It will be interesting to see if -- or what --impact this move has on the profile of nonfiction film;

There are signs that HBO plans to overhaul its brand image. This article asks how The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency might fit into the cable network's broader programming strategies;

3-D is back again - and so is speculation about the potential impact it will have on moviegoing practices;

Just what we need: more programs glorifying the wonders of Old Hollywood. TCM recently announced a ten-part mini-series, Moguls and Moviestars: A History of Hollywood while HBO, David Chase and Brad Grey are back together to develop a miniseries entitled A Ribbon of Dreams. It seems when times get tough in the film biz, the best thing to do is mythologize the past (through television, of course).

The Pew Project for Excellence in Journalism has released their 2009 report on the State of the News Media. As might be expected, in general, it doesn't paint a pretty picture for print and television journalism;

The current economic crisis is now affecting the TV syndication business;

And the award for wacky adaptation of the week goes to...the Coen Brothers, who are reportedly remaking True Grit.


  1. Let's not forget other reason 3-D is all the rage at the moment: It's a little harder to pirate it.