Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Week in Review: Where Is a Stick of Chewing Gum When You Need It?

Some of the top stories that caught my attention this (ok, mostly last) week:

Chuck Tryon has written several compelling columns in the last week, including one on the week-long "war" between Jon Stewart and CNBC;

A management shake-up at News Corp. has generated much speculation about the future direction that will be taken at the company, especially in terms of Fox's Filmed Entertainment divisions. Particularly intriguing is the appointment of Fox Searchlight president Peter Rice to be in charge of entertainment for the Fox Network;

Growing independent film company B-Side has formed a theatrical distribution arm;

Actors in films and TV programs aren't the only ones struggling to renegotiate their contracts in a tough economic climate; commercial actors face challenges getting compensated for their online work as well;

SXSW is underway again. The buzz surrounding the festival seems to get bigger every year;

Cable TV's upfronts are about to get started. Early signs indicate it will be a disappointing selling season for cable and broadcast outlets alike;

TV Week explores the myriad reasons that local broadcast stations are struggling. What isn't explored here, however, are the potentially large-scale cultural ramifications of the changes broadcasters are making due to their economic difficulties;

Heathers: The Musical -- brilliant or crazy?

MacGyver: The Movie -- simply crazy.


  1. I think the Heathers musical idea is pretty brilliant. Maybe the next Hairspray. I could be wrong about that.

    Thanks for the tip about B-side developing a theatrical distribution arm. That's really promising given all of the worried about theatrical distribution of indies.

  2. RE: HEATHERS... I think this sort of thing is getting really old. It's the same sort of corner that Hollywood's been been painting itself into for a while: Why create something original that you actually might have to work to market when you can remake something already in the public consciousness? Once upon a time, there were original musicals at the top of the box office. Now, we get 9 TO 5.

    Now, I'm not intrinsically against revivals and adaptations, but it really does seem a bit out of control these days, doesn't it?

  3. I am hopeful about a Heathers musical too...though I agree that there seem to be a few too many musical adaptations in development these days. I remain curious about the U2/Spiderman musical...though I am a bit terrified about it as well.