Monday, March 30, 2009

The Week in Review

The Hollywood Reporter explores how Texas has been adversely affected by stronger film incentive programs in other states. Meanwhile, a new study has been released that questions the long-term value of such incentive programs;

New reports indicate that people are spending more and more time in front of various screens. Yet this isn't translating to them spending money to watch the media on these screens...a problem that various sectors of the entertainment industry have only begun to address;

Reporting from the AFI Dallas Film Festival, SpoutBlog's Karina Longworth reports on a panel comparing the indie film and indie music businesses;

Will New York City be the first of many cities to offer the next generation of "hyperlocal" television stations? Several cable and telephone companies are experimenting with the strategy now. A key question is how (or to what extent) struggling local broadcast outlets will respond;

Add another talk show host to the mix: starting in November, it looks like George Lopez will be hosting a late night talk show on TBS;

There are reports that Disney may become a partner in the News Corp/NBC Universal joint venture, Hulu;

Apparently Cartoon Network is the latest cable channel to try to reinvent itself. Its goal, according to this article, is to produce more live action fare as a means of becoming a "dominant youth culture brand" that "really understands the needs of high-energy teen boys." OK then.

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