Wednesday, September 9, 2009

To Blog or Not to Blog?

Annie Petersen asks a question I have been asking myself quite a bit lately: How does one maintain a blog? Obviously mine has been somewhat dormant of late for a number of reasons (pressing writing deadlines, the start of the semester, etc.).

Mike Newman adds a great point in the comments of her post:

"With RSS, Twitter, FB, etc., it’s possible for devoted readers to be alerted when new content appears, and we shouldn’t feel like people are constantly checking in on our sites for new content. Bloggers should publish their work online when they feel like it and not feel bad if this is only sporadic. I blog because I like to, and lately I only like to do it every once in a while. I used to blog links more frequently but lately I prefer to use Twitter or FB for that. Why not keep a quarterly blog, or even an annual one?"

Having now had this blog up and running for about eight months, my perspective has shifted away from "must post at least once a week" to "post when I feel so inclined." This is partly due to time constraints and partly due to simply figuring out the way that my blog worked best for me. The "pressure to post" as often was also eased after I jumped onto Twitter and found it a better place to post articles and have short conversations. For more of my thoughts regarding blogging (as well as others' thoughtful comments), check out Annie's blog.

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