Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Winter Reading: New TV Industry Blogs

Thought I'd emerge from the dark chamber in which I have been hiding, working on revisions, in order to note some recently-launched blogs that are worth checking out. (Links to all of them have been added to my blog as well.)

Media studies scholar Christine Becker has begun collected a range of television-related articles, reviews, and opinion pieces on her aptly titled blog, News for TV Majors. She has even done the hard work of collecting all of the "best of TV" lists in one place.

I have enjoyed following the "Masked Scheduler" on Twitter for some time; now s/he has started a blog that goes into more detail than is possible in 140 characters.

TV writer Jessica Butler (In Plain Sight, According to Jim) has launched a terrific blog for those who want to write for television. Many a day could be spent just looking through the various links she provides.

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