Friday, March 5, 2010

Books on the Media Industries

This semester, my graduate students are doing a book review for their mid-term assignment. They are being asked to follow the instructions of a particular publication that actually would publish such a review. To help them get started, I pulled together this list of recent books on the media/cultural industries.

You'll see that my definition of both "industry" and "recent" is a bit loose (some books below were published about five years ago, and thus wouldn't be considered viable for actual publication). Nonetheless, I think this is a useful exercise to undertake. I have included both trade and academic publications on this list as well.

I am not aware of a place online where book-length publications on the media industries are located -- if you do know of a place, please let me know! The most recent list I have seen is
Jason Mittell's on Amazon, which is quite helpful but a few years old at this point.

I hope that you will add suggestions of other books to this comments section -- I am sure I have missed many titles, and would love to continue to build this list as an online resource. At some point I will try to create a separate Amazon list as well.