Roofing projects are not cheap. On average, a complete roof replacement can cost around $9,000 to $20,000. Because of this, it is crucial to shop around and look for a great price from a qualified roofer. 

One way to do this is to get a roofing estimate. This will tell you every single thing you’ve got to know about the roofing project. Roofing estimates greatly depend on various roofers.  

So, what should you expect when you get a roofing estimate? Today, we’re going to share with you several important details that should be included in a professional roof repair NJ estimate. 

Warranties and Guarantees 

Usually, the materials your contractor is planning to use have some type of manufacturer warranty. Your roofer might also offer an extra workmanship warranty to ensure the quality of their work. This needs to be listed clearly on the roofing estimate so you can compare between roofers. 

Details About the Components of Your Roof 

Roofs have a lot of various components. Depending on the job, a couple of them might have to be replaced. At the very least, the roofing estimate needs to include details about the major components. However, it might also include extra details about things such as ridge capping and waterproofing.  

Itemized Expenses 

An excellent roofing estimate will include all of the expenses associated with the project. Thus, you should not encounter hidden fees. This will also help you compare estimates from various roofers. At a minimum, this needs to include the cost of: 

  • Removal and cleanup of construction waste 
  • Materials 
  • Permits 
  • Labor 

The list needs to be very detailed. You should not be simply looking at the flat price of replacing a damaged part of your roof. Instead, you should be looking at every single associated expense. This includes the cost of the clean-up after the project is done, repairing gutters, adding new flashing and shingles, installing the underlayment, and getting rid of the old roof.  

The roofer might even include something as unimportant as the number of nails they expect to use.  

Proof of Insurance and Licenses 

Various states and localities have various requirements for contractors’ insurance and license. Hiring a roofer who does not meet the qualifications carries major risks. Aside from having subpar work, there’s also a risk for personal injury.  

A reliable contractor will always carry proof of insurance. You can also confirm the license of a contractor by checking the license number on the licensing board of your state.  

Timeline of the Project 

All roofing estimates need to include basic details about the company and the project’s timeline. This includes: 

  • Payment terms 
  • Estimated start and finish date 
  • An outline of who is accountable for what 
  • Contact details such as email address and phone number 

You can utilize these details to research the roofer and get your questions answered. Is the contractor legit? Do they have a history of high-quality workmanship? Not all contractors have a good online presence. Because of this, you might have to research them properly.